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December 2023

Peanut Butter, Oil, Health, Diet

Peanut Oil And Keto Diet

There are numerous low-carb peanut butter dishes available, leading one to conclude that peanut oil must be suitable for the ketogenic diet. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Studies performed in recent times have indicated that using peanut oil can increase oxidative stress. Conditions such as cancer have a connection to… Read More »Peanut Oil And Keto Diet

21 High Carb Vegetables

The ketogenic diet has been one of the most popular diets in recent times. The well-known dietary plan, known as the keto diet, necessitates drastically diminishing your carbohydrate consumption to place you into a state of ketosis, or the point at which your body switches from utilizing carbs to using… Read More »21 High Carb Vegetables