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About Us

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to inspire and equip runners with the tools they need to achieve their personal best, whether that’s a first 5K or a personal record in the marathon. Our flexible training approach is based on our founder’s journey of health and fitness, and transforming from a casual runner to a marathon enthusiast. But isn’t just about running; it’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a way that suits you best.

Ketothon began as a small blog shared among close friends and has grown into a community where runners of all levels find not just coaching, but a supportive network that champions personal health and endurance. Discover how our unique approach helps every runner break their barriers.

Meet the Heart and Soul Behind Ketothon

Greetings, I am Coach Lora Wright, a Hinsdale resident, and a certified RCAA Running Coach.

With a fervent passion for running and coaching, I am dedicated to assisting individuals in reaching their running aspirations. Whether you are a local runner in search of aiming to enhancing your performance or a global enthusiast in search or a tailored training plan, I am committed to supporting you throughout your journey. By facilitating metabolic efficiency profile assessments, I can customize your training regimen to optimize your VO2 Max and heart rate training zones, furthering the realization of your peak potential.

Serving as the CARA Site Coordinator at The Morton Arboretum, I am devoted to fostering a supportive environment for marathon and half marathon training. My extensive running background and member of Marathon Maniacs underscores my profound commitment to the sport, having completed numerous marathons both domestically and internationally.

My current goal has me conquering the challenge of running marathons in all 50 States and across all 7 Continents, culminating in the prestigious 6 Star Medal earned through participation in all World Major Marathons. Each stride brings me closer to this remarkable feat, and I am enthusiastic about sharing this expedition with fellow running enthusiasts. Let us lace up our running shoes and triumph over new milestones together!