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June 2024

The Best Diet For Runners

The advice regarding performance nutrition for runners can often be perplexing and conflicting, creating confusion. There are debates on whether increasing fat intake and limiting carbs is more effective in enhancing fat burning. On the other hand, some argue that it is preferable to increase carbohydrate consumption to ensure a… Read More »The Best Diet For Runners

Cross-Training For Runners

Most online training programs and running books mention cross-training for runners for a reason. Despite the love runners have for running long distances, it is beneficial to incorporate different types of training to become a resilient runner and lessen the risk of injury. You don’t need to register for a… Read More »Cross-Training For Runners

Endurance Running On Keto

The topic of combining keto and running is controversial as some experts argue that the body requires glucose for endurance running, while others argue that runners gain benefits from using fat as fuel. Therefore, whether or not keto is suitable for runners depends on various factors. The Keto Diet in… Read More »Endurance Running On Keto