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January 2024

Top 17 Keto Myths

Top Keto Myths and Their Explanations 1. Keto is bad for athletes Research reveals that athletes who follow a ketogenic diet tend to experience better control of body composition, reduction of body fat, maintenance of performance, and faster recovery times. Investigations into athletic performance have included runners who take part… Read More »Top 17 Keto Myths

Acetone And Keto

What is the connection between your bloodstream and the liquid used to remove nail polish? Both contain a ketone body called acetone. It appears to be a badly composed joke, yet it is actually an obscure reality about the human body. Acetone is the most minuscule of ketones, which are… Read More »Acetone And Keto

OMAD And Keto

Although the regular ketogenic diet usually generates the preferred outcome for the majority of individuals, certain occasions may necessitate taking a more intensive method. OMAD keto, sometimes referred to as speed keto, is becoming more and more popular. By using the ketogenic diet, speed keto consists of consuming fewer meals… Read More »OMAD And Keto

Keto And Splenda

Splenda Original mix is not compatible with the keto diet due to the artificial sweetener sucralose that it has. However, the business is introducing several alternatives to sugar which are healthier choices, constructed from plant contents, to those who are striving to reduce their carbohydrate consumption which might be worth… Read More »Keto And Splenda

Keto Diet For Depression

This dietary plan, first used to help people with epilepsy control their seizures, involves eating low carb, high fat, and moderate protein. This is known as the ‘keto diet’. It is now commonly applied as an aid in dropping pounds. Your body can burn fat rather than carbohydrates for energy… Read More »Keto Diet For Depression