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Top 24 Keto Summer Drink Recipes

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We often overlook the fact that the beverages we consume, such as beginning the day with a sizeable green smoothie, purchasing a latte while commuting to work, or indulging in a cocktail or mocktail for special events, are ingrained in our daily habits.

However, transitioning to a keto diet involves more than just focusing on the type of food you eat.

It is important to also consider the beverages you consume! To assist you in adapting, we have compiled a fantastic assortment of low-carb drink recipes.

Keto Summer Drink Recipes

1. Chamomile Mint Tea

Across history, individuals who were unwell have been offered chamomile tea, as it possesses a calming impact and aids in achieving restful sleep during the night.

You can use any mint of your choice to customize the recipe according to your preference, making it ideal for relaxation after a hectic or tension-filled day.

2. Lemon Thyme Infused Iced Tea

Making low carb iced tea at home gives you the refreshing taste of a great beverage while allowing you to manage its ingredients, making it an unmatched option.

The tea benefits from the lemon thyme, which imparts a refreshing and light lemon and herb flavor. This delightful keto drink recipe is perfect for staying cool during the summertime!

3. Turmeric Ginger Lime Tea

If you’re not feeling your best, this nourishing Keto drink offers the invigorating benefits of turmeric and ginger in an infusion-like form, rather than traditional tea.

The lime added to this recipe enhances the freshness, which is a common practice in Indian households for using turmeric tea as a remedy for colds and stomach issues.

4. Honeysuckle Tea

With several health-giving properties, honeysuckle is employed in Chinese medicine as a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. Moreover, its innate sweetness adds delight to a refreshing keto iced tea beverage, making it perfect for sweltering summer days.

If you lightly crush the flowers beforehand, it enhances the flavor when preparing this. Consider inquiring a friend with a honeysuckle bush if you can gather the flowers, allowing for a complimentary beverage!

5. Iced Rooibos Tea with Chia Seeds

Chia seeds may seem unfamiliar initially to those who have never tried them, but they are a wholesome addition to this drink. Rooibos tea, a caffeine-free plant, yields a red tea with a faintly reminiscent taste of conventional black tea.

You can opt for a fruity twist in this keto-friendly drink by including crushed raspberries, as they complement the tea flavor exceptionally.

6. Iced Green Tea Mojito

Green tea options are beneficial for individuals with digestive problems and aid in detoxification. When combined with lime and mint, they can be enjoyed as a keto beverage that not only quenches thirst but also provides a rejuvenating sensation.

7. Cacao Coffee Recipe

Cacao coffee is an excellent option for individuals who have a low tolerance for caffeine since this recipe contains extremely low levels of it! With a touch of cinnamon spice, this keto coffee is perfect for keeping you warm on colder days.

If you prefer not to use gelatin, feel free to omit it without any concerns, as it is optional but beneficial for your health.

8. Coconut Milk Latte

If you are not a fan of coconut, you can make this keto coffee recipe using almond milk. Alternatively, on a hot day, you can enjoy it iced as a refreshing long drink.

Although not necessary, adding cinnamon provides a pleasant warmth that complements coffee perfectly. Using coconut cream will even result in a frothy top, resembling that of a latte.

9. Dirty Chai

The flavor of this keto coffee is so rich in spice that it resembles a festive Christmas taste in a cup!

The ginger and cinnamon, both of which have warming properties and are beneficial for your health, can be consumed at any time. However, they are particularly beneficial if you are feeling unwell or fatigued. The comforting warmth and invigorating taste of this keto beverage recipe are perfect for unwinding and boosting your mood!

10. Zingy Salted Lime Soda

With its refreshing flavor and a touch of salt, this drink is ideal for storing in the refrigerator during hot summer days. It can effectively aid in rehydration.

For an added visually enticing touch, you can enhance the appearance of this beverage by coating the glass rim in lime juice followed by a layer of salt, giving it the appearance of a sophisticated keto summer cocktail!

11. Easy Flavored Water

Over the past few years, there has been an observation that store-bought flavored waters frequently contain concealed additives, thus making them an unhealthy choice. Hence, why not create your own at home!

By utilizing fresh berries and citrus, one can promote hydration, and even stimulate children to consume more water, devoid of flavorings or preservatives. Ideal for hot summer days, this keto-infused water served chilled on ice is an excellent method to beat the heat.

12. Cucumber Basil Ice Cubes

While this may not be categorized as one of our keto drink recipes, it undeniably brings a touch of excitement to a basic beverage. Serving flavored ice cubes can create a visually stunning display at parties, and they can also be utilized to add flavor to your drinking water when at home.

As the basil leaves thaw, they will emit a refreshing scent that adds a touch of elegance to your low carb beverage!

13. Cucumber Lime Water

Cucumber, being a cooling vegetable, is an excellent option for adding flavor to water, particularly during hot summer days. By incorporating lime, these keto beverages become even more refreshing with a zesty freshness.

A possibility is to prepare this infusion either by using a jug or purchasing a water bottle that features an infuser at its core. By using the bottle, you will be able to retain the cucumber while allowing it to enhance the flavor of the water without impeding your drinking experience.

14. Rosemary Mint Soda

With its flavors of rosemary and mint, this drink is more likely to appeal to adults and would be a fantastic choice to serve at parties.

Enjoy flavored soda waters as a means to gradually decrease your consumption of overly sweetened carbonated drinks. By reducing the amount of sweetener added, these beverages can assist in weaning yourself off the sugary options. Served over ice in a tall glass, they can be thoroughly enjoyed.

15. Keto Green Smoothie

Including more vegetables in your Keto diet is highly beneficial. Therefore, if you are in search of a simple and expedient recipe for a keto breakfast smoothie, this is the perfect one for you! Additionally, it is nutritionally dense, enabling you to begin your day on a healthy note.

If you’re craving delicious green smoothies and seeking a healthier, revitalizing option, give this citrus smoothie recipe a shot. Packed with orange zest, lemon, and lime, you won’t even notice its low-carb nature.

With the incorporation of spinach, MCT oil, and Perfect Keto’s Micronutrients Greens Powder, this smoothie offers the expected nutritional enhancement without causing a surge in blood sugar levels.

If you want to gather more information on how to make the ideal keto green smoothie, make sure to refer to this valuable resource. Alternatively, you may begin your day with a smoothie that combines the flavors of coffee.

16. Blueberry, Avocado, and Green Tea Shake With Raw Eggs

This keto shake is created for individuals who engage in sports, exercise frequently, or simply require a protein boost to kickstart their day.

With a velvety and luscious consistency, this delight acquires its delightful sweetness from the blueberries while also offering a stunning visual appeal. Should you have reservations about using raw eggs, exercise caution by selecting the highest quality eggs available and ensuring they are properly washed beforehand.

17. Iced Coffee Smoothie (Two Ways)

Although you have the option to visit coffeehouses like Starbucks while on the ketogenic diet, it is more advisable to prepare your own low-carb beverages. By doing so, you have the ability to regulate the amount of sugar and ingredients in each serving, while also saving money in the process.

Becoming a barista-at-home is a breeze with these two recipes: The initial one is a straightforward keto iced coffee smoothie (shown above), and the second one presents an enhanced keto-friendly cinnamon dolce breakfast latte.

If coffee is not to your liking, you might find matcha to be more preferable.

18.  Iced Matcha Latte with MCTs

You can make the simplest smoothie ever by using just three straightforward ingredients: ice, almond milk, and Perfect Keto Matcha MCT Oil Powder, for this iced matcha latte recipe.

It’s ideal when you desire a refreshing smoothie to enjoy outdoors or kickstart your day. However, it lacks the same satisfying heaviness compared to the following keto summer drink recipe.

19. Energizing Maca Keto Smoothie

If you desire the health advantages of matcha but find its taste unpalatable, rest assured that this maca keto smoothie will meet your expectations.

Similar to matcha, maca provides a pleasant surge of energy without the jittery effects of caffeine that often cause restlessness and anxiety, unlike coffee.

Moreover, maca offers remarkable benefits for your well-being, including enhanced sexual desire and heightened cognitive function and concentration.

What’s even more exciting is that this smoothie incorporates the delightful blend of nut butter and MCT oil to cleverly mask any undesirable taste of maca, which is not particularly known for its delicious flavor.

If you are interested in exploring maca further but find the taste difficult to tolerate, this smoothie is essential for you. The following recipe resembles a milkshake, and it remains suitable for a keto diet.

20. Exogenous Ketone Vanilla Bean Smoothie

If you enjoy milkshakes and ice cream parties during the summer, consider trying this low-carb recipe for a delicious and creamy vanilla bean smoothie.

You will be delighted by the incredible taste of this smoothie, which brings to mind a classic vanilla milkshake. However, it won’t cause your body to exit ketosis, and instead, it can provide your body with additional energy to use.

This can be attributed to the incorporation of exogenous ketones, which also eliminates concerns of experiencing blood sugar crashes post-consumption.

Additionally, this smoothie can be prepared without dairy. Therefore, if you have an appetite for a milkshake during the summer, try making these sugar-free smoothies instead.

These recipes, including the following batch, will swiftly demonstrate the flexibility and delectability of a keto diet.

21. Refreshing Matcha Green Tea Lemonade

Don’t be discouraged from trying this delightful lemonade just because it contains matcha.

With the addition of Perfect Keto’s Perform Sports Drink, this enhanced lemonade becomes an ideal choice for any time of the day, thanks to its powerful blend of nutrients. Each scoop of Perform drink comprises:

  • MCTs, a fast-digesting fuel source
  • BCAAs, which can help with performance and recovery
  • Creatine for increased muscle output
  • Beta-alanine for increased strength and power
  • Exogenous ketones known as BHB, or beta-hydroxybutyrate

Not only do exogenous ketones provide an energy boost, but they can also aid in suppressing cravings. If the flavor is not preferred, this recipe incorporates fresh lemon juice to cover the matcha in the sugar-free lemonade base.

By observing this lemonade’s appearance or name, you can now understand why it should not be judged. The same applies to the following recipe.

22. Refreshing Keto Greens Lemonade

Despite tasting like a summertime lemonade, this low-calorie keto drink shares the nutrient profile of a green juice, providing a refreshing experience.

By incorporating Keto Greens Powder into your diet, you can consume a combination of 26 vegetables and fruits with just one scoop. This effectively compensates for any potential lack of micronutrients that might occur when eliminating high-carb fruits and vegetables while following a keto diet.

After being exposed to the summer heat, you can rely on pink Himalayan salt to restore any electrolytes that may have been depleted. Therefore, it serves as an ideal beverage to quench your thirst after a prolonged day under the sun or as a measure to avoid the keto flu.

If you’re searching for a keto-friendly variation of an Arnold Palmer, this following recipe will evoke a summery sensation when sipped.

23. Perfect Keto Perform Iced Tea Lemonade

A drink called the Arnold Palmer, named after an American professional golfer, is a delightful blend of equal parts lemonade and iced tea. Although either beverage on its own can be quite sugary, this delightful combination recipe is not.

Unlike Arnold Palmers that contain 19g of sugar and 12g of carbs, this low-carb beverage has zero net carbs. Moreover, the calorie content varies significantly between the keto recipe (20 calories per serving) and the well-known commercially available version (80 calories per serving, which is nearly four times higher).

Designed specifically for enjoying on the porch, the following recipe is a keto-friendly iced tea.

24. Refreshing Keto Peach Tea

If you often drink peach tea during summer, replace store-bought varieties with this delicious keto peach tea. Its pleasant taste perfectly represents summer without negatively impacting your blood sugar levels.

With the presence of exogenous ketones, every sip of this beverage provides you with the energy to stay active throughout the day and enjoy your nights in late summer. However, you might consider switching to alcoholic beverages at that time.

Additional information or notes provided alongside the main text.

Incorporate these invigorating beverages into your ketogenic diet menu and enjoy them during barbecues, beach trips, baseball games, and all your summer endeavors.

You may find it easier to achieve or maintain ketosis with this flexibility. By sharing these options, you could motivate your friends and family to also participate in improving their health.

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