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Top 14 Keto Convenience Foods For Breakfast

Eggs, Boiled Eggs, Halves, Cross Section

One of the toughest aspects of adhering to the ketogenic diet is depriving yourself of favorite high-carb items such as pastries, mashed spuds, and bread.

Preparing and planning out meals is essential for keeping up with a low-carb and keto eating routine, according to Lauren Harris-Pincus, RDN from New Jersey, author of The Protein-Packed Breakfast Club. This is because a lot of prepackaged meals are high in carbs and are processed.

If you are a fan of carbohydrates, the ketogenic diet might not be suitable for you. This strategy caps carbs at just 5 to 10 percent of total daily calorie consumption and increases the proportion of fat to account for around 70 to 80 percent of daily calorie intake. Meanwhile, you’ll eat a moderate amount of protein.

Figuring out the amounts of protein, fat, and carbohydrates needed can be a labor-intensive task, particularly if you prepare all your meals from scratch.

At times, you might have to depend on processed foods to suppress your appetite while still being in the ketosis state of burning fat. Harris-Pincus states that having convenient foods that meet one’s macronutrient goal is a helpful way to adhere to a particular eating plan.

So what should you be looking for? Your focus should be on the overall quantity of carbohydrates that can be digested in the food.

Generally, people agree that the way to calculate net carbs in a given portion is to take away the fiber grams from the total carbohydrates. As stated by Harris-Pincus, there is no exact definition for this terminology. That’s because fiber isn’t digested in the body. If a product contains sugar alcohols, such as erythritol, the amount of carbohydrates it has should be decreased by the quantity of the sugar alcohols. She asserts that it is beneficial to have greater proportions of fiber relative to the amount of carbohydrates.

Although meals high in carb content can be time-efficient and may offer a variety of choices, there are also several drawbacks to bear in mind. Harris-Pincus states that certain kinds of food tend to cost a bit more, and they may be challenging to locate in stores. Just because something is low in carbohydrates does not mean it is a healthy food choice. As mentioned, freshly prepared food is always best. “Convenience foods are sometimes just junk food in disguise. Harris-Pincus suggests seeking out products with a short list of ingredients, free from artificial substances and preservatives.

For those times when you are in need of a fast solution, we have gathered up fresh, low-carb convenience foods that are ideal for gratifying your desires for carbohydrates.

1. Chocolate Bar 
If you’re on the keto diet, it may feel like
 is completely out of reach. But with the line of low-carb options from ChocZero, that doesn’t have to be the case.
Sweetened with only monk fruit, and with no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, ChocZero squares are a perfect alternative when a chocolate craving hits. They have only 40 calories and 1 gram (g) net carbs per square, making them a great fit in your low-carb meal plan.

2. Vegetable Spirals

Vegetable spirals can be used in place of pasta in a wide range of meals. Constructing your own may be time-consuming and may necessitate unique apparatus. Green Giant Veggie Spirals Zucchini makes it hassle-free to take pleasure in this substitute.

For every ¾ cup portion, there is only 1 gram of net carbohydrates and 15 calories. Since nothing is added in the way of sauce or flavorings, this item can easily be combined into any meal.

3. Mashed Potato

There has been a huge surge in utilizing cauliflower for a variety of recipes and dishes, especially for people who adhere to the keto diet. Creating your own mashed cauliflower can be quite time consuming and labor intensive.

This is where Birds Eye Veggie Made Mashed Cauliflower (frozen) is helpful. According to Jessica Levinson, RDN, a culinary nutrition expert based in New York City and author of 52-Week Meal Planner, mashed cauliflower is an ideal low-carb vegetable to substitute for higher-carb vegetables or grains and still maintain an enjoyable texture and taste.

She suggests that this side dish would go well with fish, poultry, beef, or eggs. Every portion is only 3 g of carbohydrates after subtracting dietary fiber and is only 60 calories.

3. Rice

White rice should not be included on any diet that limits carbohydrates, since one cup contains 45 grams of carbs and only 1 gram of fiber. However, that does not imply you must bid farewell to rice altogether. Right Rice offers an answer with its grain made from over 90% plants that is high in both dietary fiber and protein.

This dish has significantly fewer net carbs than regular rice, using both lentils and chickpeas as components. Bonus: It cooks even faster than traditional rice. Be careful that this rice has 25 g of carbohydrates per portion, so it is important to eat a small amount if you’re on a keto diet.

4. Low-Carb Sweet Cereal

A bowl of cereal is a convenient morning meal, however, most varieties in the aisle are filled with carbohydrates, which makes them incompatible with a ketogenic diet. Catalina Crunch is aiming to change that.

This cereal combines plant proteins and fiber to create a delicious snack that, although reminiscent of your old beloved sugary cereals, has only 5 g net carbs and 90 calories per serving.

You can have this delicious and low-carb treat of either chocolate or cinnamon toast at any time of the day, and it can be enjoyed by itself, or with an unsweetened drink such as almond milk or coconut milk.

5. Smart Sweets

No matter what type of eating plan you adhere to, candy is usually not allowed. At times, it may be impossible to stifle a longing for one of these delicacies. If you follow the keto diet, SmartSweets has the capacity to fulfill your craving for something sweet.

This candy, made with stevia for sweetness, offers an impressive 28 grams of fiber in each 90-calorie portion. That’s a positive development if you follow a low-carb diet, but Harris-Pinus cautions that a sudden increase in soluble fiber intake might be a challenge if you’re not accustomed to it.

It’s okay to indulge in these treats, but it’s best to do it in moderation. Having a low-carb option for special events can help you stay on track with your goals.

6. Bread

Do you believe it’s impossible to eat a sandwich while following a keto diet? Think again. Julian Bakery has created Paleo Thin Almond Bread which makes following a ketogenic diet possible.

This slice of bread contains 5 grams of fiber, 1 gram of net carbs, and 7 grams of protein, making it a viable option if you are following a low-carbohydrate diet. Harris-Pincus states that this type of bread should make you feel full for longer, which could result in you consuming less during the course of the day.

7. Ice Cream 

It’s possible to stick to the keto diet and enjoy ice cream as well due to Enlightened Ice Cream, which makes it possible.

The flavors with the lowest net carbs in Enlightened products range from 3 to 4 g per serving. These flavors include marshmallow peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate chip, coffee, snickerdoodle, vanilla, toasted almond, and butter pecan.

Harris-Pinus cautions that despite the ice cream being low in carbs, portion control is still critical. Harris-Pincus recommends a serving size of ½ cup and suggests that if you struggle to practice portion control or if you prefer snacks that come in small sizes, you should have one of Enlightened’s bars.

8. Keto Instant Coffee

Black coffee is widely available at gas stations, convenience stores, and fast food restaurants. Indulge in it exactly as it is or add heavy cream to provide your body with fat to burn.

You may not always discover ingredients such as coconut oil, butter sourced from grass-fed cows, or MCT oil to prepare a ketogenic coffee.

Think about getting individual servings of powdered MCT oil to include in your drinks when you are away from home. This food item, loaded with fatty acids from coconuts, gives you a steady amount of mental and physical energy and keeps your appetite in check until lunchtime.

Put a single-serving package of Perfect Keto Instant Coffee in your gym sack or purse for improved effect. It already has powdered MCT oil mixed in. You only need water to quickly make a delicious keto coffee.

If coffee fails to quiet the rumbling of your morning appetite, try having a dish of zero-carbohydrate, diet-friendly cereal.

9. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs are one of the best low-carb foods. An egg contains 5g of fat, 6g of protein, and no carbs.

Look for hard-boiled eggs in the chill compartment at the filling station, convenience store, or food shop. Opt for organic, barnyard-reared eggs that have been raised with no hormones or antibiotics when available.

Seeds are an uncomplicated, nearly zero-carb snack that can be enjoyed for breakfast.

10.  Seeds and Seed Butter

Consuming seeds and seed butter can be beneficial for weight loss, due to the presence of healthy fats from plants and the ability to provide a sense of fullness because of the dietary fiber.

Keep an eye out for hemp, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds when you’re out and about. Eating raw or dry-roasted nuts is better for your health than those cooked on high heat using oils that can cause inflammation.

A couple of tablespoons of those seeds could provide you up to 10g of protein and 16g of fat with less than two net carbs. This chia seed pudding is an uncomplicated way to offer a low-carb breakfast selection or a keto-appropriate snack.

The health advantages shared by many types of seeds and the following food are similar.

11. Nuts and Nut Butter

Don’t pigeonhole nuts as simply low-carb snacks. Include these in your breakfast meal plan. Nuts that are either raw or roasted can give your body fatty acids, essential amino acids, and dietary fiber. Stick to the best keto nuts for the lowest carbs, such as:

Mix these nuts with seeds, as well as sugarless dark chocolate chips, to create a portable keto friendly trail blend.

Nut spreads produced from those nuts are also a convenient selection. Just watch out for added sugar and hydrogenated oils. Keep away from peanuts and peanut butter for these reasons.

This product combines macadamia nuts, cashews and MCT oil for a smooth, beneficial snack for people on a keto diet. This food is self-sufficient and is also a great accompaniment to the other items on this list.

12. Avocado

Beginning your day with avocados is a great option for getting your fat instead of protein. An entire avocado holds 21 grams of fat and more than 9 grams of fiber.

The mild taste of avocados makes them simple to mix with other speedy meals on this list. Consider adding a few chia seeds to your meal or having a dish that includes eggs and nuts. You could have half an avocado for breakfast, and the other half for lunch combined with other dishes.

13. Protein or Meal Replacement Bars

It’s difficult to discover good keto meal replacement bars since a considerable amount of them contain suspicious high-carb ingredients and artificial sweeteners. These can cause your glucose levels to rise, potentially taking you out of ketosis.

Dr. Anthony Gustin examined a variety of celebrated low-carb protein bars, then determined to make his own. These low-carb Perfect Keto Bars are created using grass-fed collagen and contain no unnecessary fillers or sugar alcohols, making them an ideal snack to have on-hand when you’re feeling like straying from the keto diet.

There is no shortage of flavor when it comes to these bars, as they come in four variations: almond butter brownie, lemon poppyseed, sea salt caramel, and chocolate chip cookie dough.

You can also drink protein while you are travelling, after your workout, or while doing chores.

14. Meal Replacement Shakes and Drinks

Protein drinks are a very straightforward and handy way to add the right amount of sustenance to your diet quickly when you don’t have the chance to consume a full ketogenic meal. Unfortunately, you may not be able to find Keto meal replacement shakes in your area’s convenience and grocery stores.

Creating a protein shake in your home before you go out can be done in just a short amount of time and with only one pitcher from the blender to wash afterwards. Furthermore, these foods can be taken to go, fill you up quickly, and come in lots of different tastes so your diet never gets boring.

Consider these two popular options:

Collagen Protein Shakes and Smoothies

Collagen protein shakes can be seen as a delightful enhancement to a ketogenic diet. Collagen strengthens your bones, joints, and ligaments. It also improves your gut lining and connective tissues. It even helps your skin glow.

A portion of Perfect Keto collagen provides 10g of protein originated from collagen peptides, 5g of MCT oil powder, and zero carbohydrates. This product features 1.5 grams of acacia fiber, which is a prebiotic that promotes gut health.

If you require over 10g of protein and essential amino acids, whey protein is still the best and most convenient option.

Whey Protein Shakes and Smoothies

Whey protein is acknowledged as containing a full set of all nine essential amino acids needed by the body but which it cannot produce itself. And studies show adding whey protein to your diet may:

  • Boost muscle growth
  • Preserve lean muscle mass during weight loss
  • Improve recovery after hard workouts
  • Suppress your appetite and increase satiety

A whey protein shake is great for before you exercise, after you exercise, and times that you need protein in a hurry.

This protein powder from Perfect Keto has just 3g of carbohydrates, but incorporates 15g of protein and 5g of MCT oil powder. This shake offers the same comfort as a protein bar does, in addition to being delectable and easy to absorb.

This guide guarantees you will never be without ideas when it comes to keto protein smoothies – it’s perfect for conquering all day!

Side notes

Prepping meals ahead of time is still the most effective way to accomplish your health and weight loss objectives when following a ketogenic diet.

You can get ready-to-go meals to maintain a low-carb regimen if you don’t have much time or energy. You don’t need to use shady or lackadaisical keto strategies in order to accomplish your goals.

These choices are beneficial to your health, prepared easily, and an obvious solution when you don’t know what to have for your next meal.

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